British Library’s 2020 Vision

Die British Library hat gerde ihre Vision für 2020 veröffentlicht, in der sie versucht, Trends und Themenbereiche der nächsten 10 Jahre vorherzusagen:

  1. Guarantee access for future generations
  2. Enable access to everyone who wants to do research
  3. Support research communities in key areas for social and economic benefit
  4. Enrich the cultural life of the nation
  5. Lead and collaborate in growing the world’s knowledge base

The experts consulted by the Library provided a range of views on what the world of 2020 would look like. These predictions included:

  • Technology will be in a constant state of beta –  rapidly changing and, by 2020, resulting in a very different environment from today;
  • The new generation of ‘digital natives’ will enjoy wider access than ever to a huge range of online content in all formats; they will assume that ‘everything’ is available on the web – an incorrect assumption, as even by 2020 a huge amount of legacy content will remain undigitised;
  • The online landscape will increasingly resemble the ‘semantic web’ – in which computers become capable of extracting, classifying and analysing data to create context from content;
  • The business models underpinning scholarly publishing will change dramatically – more teaching, learning and research will take place virtually and multi- and inter-disciplinary research will continue to grow in importance;
  • Knowledge institutions will need to reposition themselves, demonstrating the distinct value they add to the knowledge economy.


Vision 2020 in PDF

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