Vienna Declaration im IFLA Presidential Newsletter No. 5 May 2009

Die IFLA-Präsidentin Claudia Lux berichtet im IFLA Presidential Newsletter No. 5 May 2009 von der Wiener Tagung und der Vienna Declaration:

From 7 to 9 May I attended the EBLIDA annual meeting in Vienna to present again my Presidential theme “Libraries on the agenda”. I found myself there in the good company of IFLA Governing Board Members Barbara Schleihagen and Bob McKee. The overall purpose of the conference was to attract policy makers and stakeholders to help initiate a debate and dialogue on the concept of a library policy for Europe and what we might achieve together at a European level. It was agreed to strengthen the role and potential of the library service throughout Europe in supporting the European Knowledge Society and a set of recommendations was formulated for the European Commission. For more information, please see the Vienna Declaration.


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