The European Library: new site release

Neueste Nachrichten aus „The European Library“:

Dear all,

Yesterday we launched a new site release!

The new portal incorporates many of the recommended enhancements from user feedback studies. Top of the list was more multilingual facilities. As a result, you can now navigate and scan over 330 collections in their native language. Support materials, including FAQs and a first-time user guide, are available in 22 European languages.

Users also enjoy the portal’s rich media offerings. The portal specialises in online exhibitions that showcase the collections of Europe’s national libraries. A new, exciting exhibition on the Napoleonic Wars has been launched to coincide with the two-hundredth anniversary of the campaigns. More than 200 rarities were collected from the national libraries of Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Serbia. The exhibition shows unique material such as French constitutional chart (1814), sketches of Francisco de Goya (1810) and military maps showing how Napoleon planned his attacks.

Soooo, you see – we listen when you give us feedback! Comments or suggestions anyone? 🙂

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