Stellungnahme IFLA im Fall Russland/Verurteilung von Nataly Sharina

Bring the Persecution of Librarians to an End: IFLA President Donna Scheeder on the Judgement in the Case of Natalya Sharina

Ever since her arrest in October 2015, IFLA has followed closely the case of Natalya Sharina, the former librarian of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow. Natalya was accused of inciting hatred or animosity toward a social group, and subsequently of misappropriation of funds. IFLA made statements in November 2015, May 2016, September 2016 and December 2016.

In light of the judgement in the case of Natalya Sharina, IFLA President Donna Scheeder has made a statement, underlining IFLA’s disappointment with the judgement, and calling on Russia, and on governments everywhere, to bring the banning of books and the persecution of librarians to an end.

The full statement is available here.

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