LIBER: Survey on copyright law and digitisation in the GLAM sector

ReCreating Europe is one of the international projects that LIBER is involved with and it has recently launched a survey to analyze the impact of copyright law and open policies about digitization in the GLAM sector.

The objective of the survey is to determine whether Galleries Libraries Archives Museums (GLAMs) are aligned with legal restrictions on digitization and to what extent legal and technological measures are applied. The data gathered from the questionnaire will be used to enable the legal analysis by the researchers of the ReCreating Europe Consortium on digitization practices undertaken by GLAMs and to help to recommend best practices and policies that enable digitization to be carried out within the confined of a rebalanced copyright law.

The the ReCreating Europe Consortium would be very grateful if you would take the time to fill in the survey ( and also forward it within your organization/institution and/or in your network. It will be online until December.

Source: LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries)

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