Interaktive Internetpräsentation: The brilliant line. Following the early modern engraver 1480-1650

featurebutton1Tolle Ausstellung an der Museum of Art – Rhode Island School of Design 2009/2010:

Objects of exquisite beauty and incomparable intricacy, Renaissance engravings communicate a unique visual language made up entirely of lines.The Brilliant Line: Following the Early Modern Engraver, 1480–1650 explores the art of engraving and its dynamic transformations during the European Renaissance. Showcasing works by the most outstanding masters, from great innovators such as Albrecht Dürer to virtuoso specialists such as Agostino Carracci, the exhibition demonstrates how engravers learned from one another and pushed their art to astonishing technical heights. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to observe the rapid visual evolution of one of Europe’s first reproducible art forms. Accompanying the exhibition is a fully illustrated catalogue, available online and at risd|works.


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