EBLIDA Newsletter 03 – March 2013

Please find enclosed Issue 3 (March, 2013) of EBLIDA news, also now available at http://www.eblida.org/Newsletter%20folder%20%28uploaded%20files%29/Newsletters-2013/2013_03_March.pdf

Contents of Issue 3:

  • Page 1: Editorial
  • Page 2: News round-up: Licences for Europe; JURI Committee; 21st EBLIDA Council.
  • Page 3: EBLIDA Activities: 21st EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference programme.
  • Page 4: EBLIDA Activities: EC meeting Dublin; next EGIL meeting; eBooks corner.
  • Page 5: EBLIDA Who’s Who: The National Central Library of Rome.
  • Page 6 & 7: Events and dates: continued Funding Calls, Grants and Deadlines; Last minute news.

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