Democratizing Academic Journals: Technology, Services, and Open Access #openaccess #DiamondOA

Scholastica’s white paper, “Democratizing Academic Journals: Technology, Services, and Open Access“ argues democratization of journal publishing is the key to lowering journal costs and facilitating Open Access (OA). Members of the academic community, either in not-for-profit organizations or informal groups, must break up the corporate publisher conglomerate by using technology and services to affordably publish journals on their own.

With contributions by:

  • Björn Brembs, Professor of Neurogenetics at the University of Regensburg and OA advocate
  • Dan Morgan, Digital Science Publisher at University of California Press
  • Roxanne Missingham, Chief Scholarly Information Officer at Australian National University and Australian OA Support Group Deputy Chair
  • Stevan Harnad, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Université du Québec à Montréal, Green OA advocate
  • Ulrich Herb, OA expert at Saarland University and State Librarian


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