Conference Announcement – 3rd Information: Interactions and Impact (i³)

Conference Announcement – 3rd Information: Interactions and Impact (i³), 20-23 June 2011

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend the 3rd i³ Conference –
June 20-23, 2011 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

i³ is concerned with the quality and effectiveness of the interaction between people and information and how this interaction can bring about change in individuals, organisations, communities and society. The conference will look beyond the issues of use and accessibility of technology to questions about the way people interact with the information and knowledge content of today’s systems and services, and how this might ultimately affect the impact of that information on individuals, organisations and communities.

Conference themes include:

  • the quality and effectiveness of user/information interactions (e.g. information literacy);
  • patterns of information behaviour in different contexts;
  • impact of information or information services on people, organisations, communities and society (e.g. social, learning, cultural and economic outcomes of engagement with information); and
  • more effective decision making.

Further details will follow later in the summer and information will be available on the conference website at If you would like to register your interest and receive further alerts as we go live, please email the conference team at

Professor Dorothy Williams, i³ Conference Director

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