Umfrage: impact of face-to-face and virtual conferences

This project is being carried out by Associate Professor Gaby Haddow and Dr Petra Dumbell at Curtin University. We are hoping to gain a better understanding of the impact of face-to-face and virtual conferences and would like to hear about your experience.

This short questionnaire (approximately 15 minutes) asks you to rate impacts of conference attendance in the face-to-face and virtual environments. It also includes some demographic questions.

We are hoping to receive responses from information professionals working in all types of libraries across the world and your participation would be greatly appreciated. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can end the questionnaire at any point after clicking on the link below.

The responses you enter will remain anonymous and all findings will be presented as aggregated data. No data that may identify you is being collected. The information we collect in this study will be kept under secure conditions at Curtin University for 7 years after the research is published and then it will be destroyed. The findings may be presented in scholarly papers, reports and conference papers.

Quelle: M. Bargmann

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