Traditional subscriptions, big deals or Pay-Per-View? A comparative evaluation of business models in Austria – Vortrag von Kerstin Stieg auf der IFLA Satellite Conference

Heute Nachmittag hält Kerstin Stieg, Mitarbeiterin der Kooperation E-Medien Österreich (KEMÖ), im Rahmen der Satellite Conference: Acquisition and Collection Development Section, die von 10. bis 11. August 2011 an der University of Virgin Islands stattfindet, einen Vortrag zum Thema „Traditional Subscriptions, Big Deals or Pay-Per-View? A Comparative Evaluation of Business Models in Austria“.

Libraries have come under enormous pressure over the past years, with the amount of content available rising rapidly, while at the same time budgets are cut severely or stagnate at best. While it is crystal clear that not all available content can be licensed, libraries very often have to take crucial decisions on behalf their patrons about which content is acquired and how. The financial restraints on libraries and rising user expectations requires from librarians to review and analyze their collection development policies systematically, critically and constantly. This paper presents a comparative analysis of business models adopted in collection development processes. Single or direct subscriptions, big deals entered in the frame of consortia and Pay-Per-View are analyzed in terms of their budgetary impact and economic efficacy. This quantitative analysis is extended by taking qualitative factors such as usability and the weaknesses all three business models in terms of administrative efforts into consideration.

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