This Book is overdue!


Marilyn Johnson: „This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians can save us all“, 2010.

Na endlich, das ultimative Buch ist geschrieben!

Im New Yorker wurde die Autorin interviewt:

“Someday I will stop being surprised at all the things librarians read; they’ll read anything,” writes Marilyn Johnson in “This Book is Overdue” (Harper), her newly published exploration of libraries in the digital age. Anecdotally, it appears that many librarians are now reading Johnson’s engaging book. In it, she writes about the many ways technology is changing librarianship and the ways librarians are changing technology. She offers a survey of library blogs, attends library conventions, writes about anarchist librarians, and considers how venerable institutions such as the New York Public Library are adapting to the world of Google. …

Your first book was about obituaries. How did you jump from that subject to writing about librarians?

You can read about all sorts of work in the obituaries, from rocket scientists to mule divers, but the obituaries for librarians made me feel as if I were missing some extraordinary people at a crucial moment in their profession. The explosion of information and information delivery systems meant that library science was exploding, too. What’s it like to be a librarian in the digital age? Lots of librarians are charging into that wild frontier and reshaping and reinventing the profession, and I wanted to talk to them before they hit the obit page, or I did. …

Von Nachrufen zum Bibliothekswesen … wenn das kein Fortschritt ist. 😉

Bei Barnes & Noble kann man übrigens auch einen Blick in das Buch werfen!

Website zum Buch:



Bei B & N

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