The Dewey journey in Europe – a case study of classification in the 21st century (Stockholm 7.4.2011)

In cooperation with Kungliga biblioteket, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, the European DDC Users’ Group (EDUG) is organizing its annual meeting and would like to invite you to the symposium

The Dewey journey in Europe – a case study of classification in the 21st century

7 April 2010, 9:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Kungl. biblioteket – National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

The Dewey decimal classification (DDC) isone of the most widely used classification systems in Europe, and more countries and libraries are adopting DDC every year. This European journey involves both the application of DDC for retrieval in European libraries and the translation, development and maintenance of DDC from different European countries’ perspectives. What has happened with the DDC and with the libraries during this journey: internationalisation, Europeanisation, localisation? EDUG works in partnership with OCLC to foster cooperation in the development of DDC translations and resolve associated issues for mutual benefit.

The symposium will present cases from Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria. Our keynote speaker Joacim Hansson will give us a historical presentation on the choice of classification schemes and the underlying ideas behind them.

You will find the programme and further information under

Please register by 24 March 2011. There is no fee for the symposium.

Karin Kleiber, Vice-chair, EDUG

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