Science and the politics of openness : Here be monsters – Literaturhinweis! #openaccess

Science and the politics of openness

Brigitte Nerlich, Sarah Hartley, Sujatha Raman and Alexander Smith (Eds.): Science and the politics of openness – Here be monsters. Manchester University Press 2018.

The phrase ‚here be monsters‘ or ‚here be dragons‘ is commonly believed to have been used on ancient maps to indicate unexplored territories which might hide unknown beasts. This book maps and explores places between science and politics that have been left unexplored, sometimes hiding in plain sight – in an era when increased emphasis was put on ‚openness‘. The book is rooted in a programme of research funded by the Leverhulme Trust entitled: ‚Making Science Public: Challenges and opportunities, which runs from 2014 to 2017. One focus of our research was to critically question the assumption that making science more open and public could solve various issues around scientific credibility, trust, and legitimacy. Chapters in this book explore the risks and benefits of this perspective with relation to transparency, responsibility, experts and faith.

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