OPERAS Platforms and Services White Paper #openaccess

Pierre Mounier, Eelco Ferwerda, Suzanne Dumouchel, Rupert Gatti, Arnaud Gingold, Dasa Radovic, Alessia Smaniotto, Jadranka Stojanovski, Saskia de Vries, Leo Waaijers (2018): OPERAS Platforms and Services White Paper. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1324059

OPERAS as an infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication will provide a catalogue of services to the academic community. Despite their diversity, the services should follow common rules and principles to establish a common framework where they can be included and managed. The principles concern governance, sustainability and insurance. It entails to set up contractual relationships between the infrastructure and the service providers that reflects the principles mentioned earlier. Finally, there is a need to achieve a fully functional web of services that prevents gaps and overlaps regarding the users’ needs. The list and structure of OPERAS’ future services has been elaborated as a part of the infrastructure design study.

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