Open Source Software for Libraries

Practical Open Source Software for Libraries
Nicole C Engard, ByWater Solutions, USA

ISBN 1 84334 585 4
ISBN-13: 978 1 84334 585 5
November 2010
200 pages  234 x 156mm  paperback
£47.00 / US$80.00 / €60.00

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  • provides a toolbox of practical software that librarians can use both inside and out of the library
  • draws on the author’s wide-ranging practical experience with open source software both in and out of the library community
  • includes real life examples from libraries and librarians of all types and locations
  • gives librarians tips for using open source software with in their organizations
  • includes access to a companion website with up-to-date links and facts

Open source refers to an application whose source code is made available for use or modification as users see fit. This means libraries gain more flexibility and freedom than with software purchased with license restrictions. Both the open source community and the library world live by the same rules and principles. Practical Open Source Software for Libraries explains the facts and dispels myths about open source. Chapters introduce librarians to open source and what it means for libraries. Readers are provided with links to a toolbox full of freely available open source products to use in their libraries.

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