Ogier, Stamper: Data Visualization as a Library Service. Embedding Visualization Services in the Library Research Lifecycle #openaccess

Ogier, Andrea L., and Michael J. Stamper. 2018. „Data Visualization as a Library Service: Embedding Visualization Services in the Library Research Lifecycle.“ Journal of eScience Librarianship 7(1): e1126. https://doi.org/10.7191/jeslib.2018.1126


Objective: The purpose of this article is to explore data visualization as a consulting service offered by a research library with particular attention to uses of visualization at various places within the research lifecycle.

Methods: Lessons learned from a year of offering data visualization as a consulting service, and two general case studies are offered.

Results: Data visualization consulting services have a few unique considerations, including setting clear expectations, considering proprietary vs open source technologies, and making sure the consulting experience is also a learning experience. In addition, we can clearly place data visualization requests, in the form of profiled case studies, in multiple parts of the research lifecycle.

Keywords: data visualization, service models, graphic design

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