Mysteries of the Medieval Manuscript (Studium Generale – Tilburg University)

Medieval books are a treasure trove of exciting finds! Upon close inspection, they reveal as much about their original writers and readers as they do about us. Before the mass production that the printing press made possible, books were a singular product of creation – each unique and imperfect. These imperfections and unique characteristics allow modern scholars to piece together the story of our intellectual history. But how exactly does this work? Which imperfections show a relevant development, and which are just a random occurrence?

Speakers: – Prof. dr. Erik Kwakkel is Professor at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches and conducts research on the History of the Book. Kwakkel is widely recognized as an international expert in medieval manuscripts, and his work is featured in a variety of public news outlets such as BBC World Service, CBC radio, CNN, and the Smithsonian Journal. Visit his blog for some interesting examples and illustrations. –

Prof. dr. Odile Heynders is Professor of Comparative Literature and Head of the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg University. She was a fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Sciences (NIAS), and published numerous books and articles on European literature and authorship.

— Recorded on Wednesday 16 December, online via Zoom.

19:12 a cat in the library 😉

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