LEARN-Workshop „Research Data Management towards Open Science. The Importance of Policies“ (Vienna, 6th April 2016)

This workshop on research data management (RDM), will be the second of five international conferences within the EU-funded project, LEARN (Leaders Activating Research Networks – http://www.learn-rdm.eu/).

The five-partner project addresses the challenges of existing, disparate e-infrastructures and the global needs of research data. It raises awareness of research data management (RDM) and policy issues for institutions by maximizing the visibility of the existing LERU Roadmap for Research Data, issued by the League of European Research Universities in 2013. To promote policy development and use, LEARN will develop an RDM policy model, as well as a toolkit to support implementation at institutional levels.

LEARN Workshops are designed to encourage all stakeholders – research funders, organisations and decision makers, researchers, library and IT staff – to explore their roles and responsibilities in the process of developing policies for research data management. The workshop in Vienna will present the work carried out by the project and provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of advice, ideas and views.

The workshop „Research Data Management towards Open Science – The Importance of Policies“, which will be split into two sessions. The morning session will be devoted to lectures by keynote speakers, whereas the afternoon session(s) will be devoted to breakout groups, where best practices and case studies will be identified and discussed.

Please register by filling out the online registration form: https://learnrdm.wordpress.com/register/ (the event is free of charge) and visit the event on our webpage for further details!

The workshop will be held at the Campus of the University of Vienna on 6 April 2016 from 09.00 until 16.30.

Quelle: Paolo Budroni, PhD (LEARN – Principal Investigator, Vienna), Imola Dora Traub (LEARN – Coordination, Vienna)

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