Ken Worpole: Contemporary Library Architecture. A Planning and Design Guide

Ken Worpole: Contemporary Library Architecture. A Planning and Design Guide, Routledge 2013.

Published 29th April 2013 by Routledge – 216 pages



Von der Verlagssite: Focusing on the practical issues which need to be addressed by anyone involved in library design, here Ken Worpole offers his renowned expertise to architects, planners, library professionals, students, local government officers and members interested in creating and sustaining successful library buildings and services. Contemporary Library Architecture: A Planning and Design Guide features:

  • a brief history of library architecture
  • an account of some of the most distinctive new library designs of the 20th & 21st centuries
  • an outline of the process for developing a successful brief and establishing a project management team
  • a delineation of the commissioning process
  • practical advice on how to deal with vital elements such as public accessibility, stock-holding, ICT, back office functions, children’s services, co-location with other services such as learning centres and tourist & information services an sustainability
  • in depth case studies from around the world, including public and academic libraries from the UK, Europe and the US
  • full colour illustrations throughout, showing technical details and photographs.

This book is the ultimate guide for anyone approaching library design.

Part 1: The Library in the City 1. A City with a Great Library is a Great City Part 2: The Libraryness of Libraries 2. Libraries: The ‚Sacred‘ Spaces of Modernity 3. What you see is what you get? Key Aspects of Library 4. A New Wave of Library Architecture Part 3: Planning and Design Processes 5. Developing the Brief and Establishing a Project Management Team 6. Places and Partners 7. Programme and People: The Changing Library Programme 8. A Vital Space for Children and Young People Part 4: Case Studies 9. Public Library Case StudiesBarcelona; Bournemouth; Brighton; Canada Water; Cardiff; Dagenham; Ewell; Glasgow Bridge; Hook; Huntingdon; Newcastle; Norwich; Whitechapel; Winchester 10. Academic Library Case Studies Aberdeen University; Cranfield University; Sheffield University, Commons; Sheffield University, Western Library; Surrey University Part 5: Lessons for the Future 11. Lessons from the Case Studies and Post-Occupancy Evaluation 12. 21st Century Libraries: Changing Forms, Changing Functions


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