Johnson (2019): Technology Innovation and AI Ethics #Libraries #Innovation #AI #Ethics #OpenAccess

Sylvester A. Johnson (2019). Technology Innovation and AI Ethics. Research Library Issues 299, 14–27.


In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a machine, a humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and named Sophia. This woman-gendered robot is manufactured by the Hong Kong–based Hanson Robotics Corporation and it is machine-learning technology that enables her to deliver scripted speech and to participate in spontaneous conversation with humans, complete with facial gestures, intonation, and other forms of body language. Sophia had just delivered a speech at the nation’s Future Investment Initiative summit, to which Saudi Arabia had invited hundreds of global investors to consider leveraging the financial growth opportunities the nation is charting for its future. Following Sophia’s speech, it was announced that the government had granted her citizenship. Sophia responded with delight, even pondering the possibility of voting and attending college one day…

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