Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age

Die neue Ausgabe 45 (2010) 2 der Zeitschrift EDUCAUSE Review widmet sich dem Thema „Timeless Fundamentals: Changing the Future of Higher Education“ und enthält drei auch oder gerade für BibliothekarInnen interessante Features:

Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age / Larry Sanger: „Three current strands of thought regarding memorization, individual learning, and books have led to a profound mistake: the idea that the tools of the Internet can replace the effortful, careful development of the individual mind—the sort of development that is fostered by a solid liberal arts education“ (Link).

Getting Our Values around Copyright Right / Lawrence Lessig: „Copyright is essential to a diverse and rich culture. Yet the platform—the technology—through which we get access to our culture has changed radically. The existing system of copyright thus cannot work in the digital age and needs also to be changed, radically“ (Link).

Scholars, Scholarship, and the Scholarly Enterprise in the Digital Age / Richard N. Katz:  „Information technologies have empowered the individual and are unleashing a torrent of change, one that will reshape nearly all of our institutions. To secure the place of the traditional scholarly enterprise, leaders must rethink a number of the fundamentals behind the higher education institution“ (Link).

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