Google Book Search and the Future of Books in Cyberspace

Pamela Samuelson: Google Book Search and the Future of Books in Cyberspace, in: 94 Minn. L. Rev. 1308 (2010)

This Article has shown that although there are some reasonsto be optimistic about the future of books in cyberspace ifthe GBS settlement is approved, there are even more reasons tobe worried about the settlement and its consequences for competitionand innovation down the line, as well as for sustainedpublic access to knowledge, thus bringing into doubt the brightpromise that proponents of the GBS settlement proclaim islikely to be achieved.

The future of public access to the cultural heritage of humankindembodied in books is too important to leave in thehands of one company and one registry that will have a de factomonopoly over a huge corpus of digital books and rights inthem.

Google has yet to accept that its creation of this substantialpublic good brings with it public trust responsibilities that gowell beyond its corporate slogan about not being evil.

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