EBLIDA Newsletter Issue No. 3/4 March/April 2024

  1. Editorial, by Erna Winters
  2. Director’s cut, by Mikkel Christoffersen
  3. Libraries for a Sustainable Future – Manifesto for the 2024 EU Elections
  4. The 32nd EBLIDA Conference
  5. Workshop 1: Librarians’ skills: universal and specific, rather than core and additional
  6. Workshop 2: Matching the demands of librarians
  7. Workshop 3: The knowledge gap, the generation gap
  8. Workshop 4: Charting the future: a challenge for library Directors
  9. Workshop 5: AI: strengths and opportunities for libraries, librarians, and users
  10. Workshop 6: Recruiting practices of Libraries
  11. NEDLib Project – Digital Competence and Information Literacy for Librarians
  12. Now available: the Italian translation of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2023)3 of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on library legislation and policy in Europe
  13. Europe Challenge – How a Library Changed my Life


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