EBLIDA Newsletter Issue No. 3. March 2023

  1.  Editorial, by Ton van Vlimmeren
  2. The Council of Europe Recommendation of Library Legislation and Policy in Europe and the European Union Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026
  3. The Handbook on E-Lending Policy in Europe
  4. A New Tool for Partnership Matching for EU-funded Projects: E-PANEMA
  5. An Update to the Second Report on Sustainable Development and Libraries
  6. Resourcing Libraries in the European Union (RL:EU): a Programme to Help You Access European Grants
  7. E-Relevance – The Role of Arts and Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  8. Save the Date! 20th March! The Lawsuit is Here, but Refrain from Any Judgment
  9. The role of Share-VDE in the transition to linked open data for libraries



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