Die vielen „Hüte“ der BibliothekarInnen der Gegenwart und Zukunft!


„Future Ready Schools (FRS) is a bold effort to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. Beginning with a systemic planning process, FRS will help any district develop the human and technological capacity needed to personalize learning. With more than 2,000 districts already signing the Future Ready District Pledge, the Alliance for Excellent Education (the Alliance) and the U.S. Department of Education (ED) are leading this effort alongside a vast coalition of organizations.“

Future Ready Librarians is an expansion of the Future Ready initiative aimed at raising awareness among district and school leaders about the valuable role librarians can play in supporting the Future Ready goals of their school and district. Two guiding questions are central to Future Ready Librarians.

  1. How can librarians and libraries support Future Ready schools?
  2. How can librarians and libraries become more Future Ready?

Future Ready Librarians will provide resources, strategies and connections for district leaders and librarians to be able to work together to promote and implement innovative learning opportunities for students.“

Mehr dazu unter: http://futureready.org/about-the-effort/librarians/


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