D is for Digitize

New York Law School Law Review
VOLUME 55 • 2010/11

Online unter: http://www.nyls.edu/index.php?cID=2789

This symposium issue of the New York Law School Law Review collects seven articles springing from the „D Is for Digitize“-conference on the Google Books lawsuit and settlement, held at New York Law School October 8–10, 2009.

I. D is for Digitize Symposium
D Is for Digitize: An Introduction James Grimmelmann
Google Book Settlement and the Fair Use Counterfactual Matthew Sag
Fulfulling the Copyright Social Justice Promise: Digitized Textual Information Lateef Mtima & Steven D. Jamar
Orphan Works and the Google Book Search Settlement: An International Perspective Bernard Lang
H Is for Harmonization: The Google Book Search Settlement and Orphan Works Legislation in the European Union Katharina de la Durantaye
Continued DOJ Oversight of the Google Book Search Settlement: Defending Our Public Values and Protecting Competition Christopher A. Suarez
Digitial + Library: Mass Book Digitization as Collection Inquiry Mary Murrell
The Why in DIY Book Scanning Daniel Reetz

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