Cycling for libraries

Lust von Kopenhagen nach Berlin zu radeln?

What is the route and when exactly do you intend to cycle it?

We are cycling from Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany in the spring-summer 2011. The tour will take about 10 days. At the moment we know only the day of the closing seminar, which will be on June 6th. A more detailed timetable and route will be announced during the next few months.

Who can participate?

Anyone working in libraries, or in some way involved with libraries, and a library lover, can participate this event. We hope to see there all of you with an open and optimistic mind towards libraries. We want to hear your say about the development of libraries and how it should be done. If you recognize yourself here in the description, we are happy to invite you to the memorable, first-ever Cycling for libraries unconference!

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