CoreTrustSeal (VÖB-Mitt. 1/2018)

Ingrid Dillo, Lisa de Leeuw: CoreTrustSeal

Abstract: Open data and data management policies that call for the long-term storage and accessibility of data are becoming more and more commonplace in the research community. With it the need for trustworthy data repositories to store and disseminate data is growing. CoreTrustSeal, a community based and non-profit organisation, offers data repositories a core level certification based on the DSA-WDS Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements catalogue and procedures. This universal catalogue of requirements reflects the core characteristics of trustworthy data repositories. Core certification involves an uncomplicated process whereby data repositories supply evidence that they are sustainable and trustworthy. A repository first conducts an internal self-assessment, which is then reviewed by community peers. Once the self-assessment is found adequate the CoreTrustSeal board certifies the repository with a CoreTrustSeal. The Seal is valid for a period of three years. Being a certified repository has several external and internal benefits. It for instance improves the quality and transparency of internal processes, increases awareness of and compliance with established standards, builds stakeholder confidence, enhances the reputation of the repository, and demonstrates that the repository is following good practices. It is also offering a benchmark for comparison and helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a repository. In the future we foresee a larger uptake through different domains, not in the least because within the European Open Science Cloud, the FAIR principles and therefore also the certification of trustworthy digital repositories holding data is becoming increasingly important. Next to that the CoreTrustSeal requirements will most probably become a European Technical standard which can be used in procurement (under review by the European Commission).

Keywords: CoreTrustSeal; certification; repository; trusted digital repository; requirements; standard; policy; process; service; self-assessment; review; digital preservation


Veröffentlicht in Mitteilungen der VÖB 71 (2018) Nr. 1, S. 162-170


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