Bulock: Crowdfunding for Open Access #openaccess

Chris Bulock (2018): Crowdfunding for Open Access. Serials Review. https://doi.org/10.1080/00987913.2018.1472477

Funding open access publications is often a difficult problem, especially when authors may not have sufficient funds to support a project. Yet it may be possible to convert the funds libraries currently spend on subscriptions and purchases into support for open access publications. Three organizations are modifying models used by consumer-focused crowdfunding websites to fit different publishing scenarios. Unglue.it pools funds from individuals and libraries to provide open access licenses to books that have already been published. Knowledge Unlatched receives pledges from libraries to provide access to front- and back-list scholarly books as well as some journals. Reveal Digital launches freely accessible digital collections with support from libraries that wish to contribute to a specific collection or an ongoing fund. These efforts show possible models for turning library collection funds into a distributed support network for open access publication.

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