Bledsoe, K. et al. (2022). Leading by Diversifying Collections: A Guide for Academic Library Leadership

Bledsoe, K., Cooper, D. M., Schonfeld, R. C., & Rieger, O. Y. (2022). Leading by Diversifying Collections: A Guide for Academic Library Leadership.

Academic libraries build collections in the context of their parent institutions—primarily to support the institution’s research, teaching, and learning mission. They also build collections that document and preserve the cultural and scientific heritage of our society to represent a wide range of perspectives. In these efforts, universities and their libraries are developing approaches that address calls for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with a focus on creating space for and the perspectives of historically marginalized groups. [..] Library leadership has an important role in ensuring this work is championed and steered effectively, and this guide is designed in support of that. We also anticipate this guide will be of interest to a broader audience interested in diversifying library collections, including especially those who will partner with leadership to realize the library’s goals in this area.

Although libraries have been registering progress, there is still much work to be done for collections and collecting practices to address the DEI goals. […]

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