Bericht zu „Open Access Monitoring – Approaches and Perspectives“ (2-Day-Workshop, 09–10 April 2018, Vienna) veröffentlicht! #openaccess #AT2OA



Patrick Danowski, Andreas Ferus, Anna-Laetitia Hikl, Olivia Kaiser, Gerda McNeill, Steve Reding, Mario Schautz, Tobias Zarka and Michael Zojer (2018): Report on „Open Access Monitoring – Approaches and Perspectives (2-Day-Workshop, 09–10 April 2018, Vienna)“.,%202018%2004%2009).pdf

As part of the project Austrian Transition to Open Access (AT2OA) a 2-day-workshop on Open Access monitoring was organized. The event, which took place on 09–10 April 2018 in Vienna, intended to put a focus on the different international approaches towards this topic, therefore speakers from across Europe were invited.

The report includes summaries of all the talks held in the course of the conference on the first day, plus links to their presentations, as well as the documentation of the second day of this workshop.

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