Atwood et al. (2021). Cross-functional policy development for a Data Repository

Atwood, T. P.; Jerome, E.; Kardos, A.; McGinty, S.; Radik, M. & Reznik-Zellen, R. (2021). Cross-functional policy development for a Data Repository. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 9(1).

The policy can articulate the scope of work. For repositories that house data, the policy can help users manage expectations, especially for individuals who are new to data sharing, or where expectations for sharing data have changed. We cover some of the current literature around the process for writing policy, specifically focusing on policy for data collections and repositories, factors that encouraged us to create a repository policy, our collaborative process for creating the policy, and lessons learned. We hope that others can use our processes to build their own policy that reflects the needs of their campuses and scholars and further moves the needle toward the “Library as Publisher” model.

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