ARROW = Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works towards Europeana

ARROW aims in particular to support the EC’s i2010 Digital Library Project by finding ways to identify rightholders, rights and clarify the rights status of a work including whether it is orphan or out of print. This will enable libraries as well as other users to obtain information on who are the pertinent rightholders, which are the relevant rights concerned, who owns and administers them and how and where they can seek permission to digitise and / or make available the work to user groups. The project also seeks to enhance the interoperability between sources of rights information (i.e. exchange of information) held by rightholders, RROs and other collective management organisations, agents, libraries and users. Solutions envisaged by the venture include the establishment of systems for the exchange of rights data, the creation of registries of orphan works, information on or registries of works out of print, supporting the creation of a network of rights clearance mechanisms. Key to achieving this objective is interoperability, standards deployment and stakeholder involvement.


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