Amerikanische Bibliothekssymbole

Die ALA (American Library Association) forciert seit 1982 ein Bibliothekssymbol, das für Schilder/Kennzeichnungnen/Logos etc. verwendet werden soll. Auch als offizielles Verkehrs-/Hinweisschild darf es ab 1985 verwendet werden. Nunmehr bekam es eine „moderne“ Laptop-Version zur Seite gestellt.

National Library Symbol – „A library logo for all“

Library Symbol

„The purpose of a national library symbol is to increase public awareness of libraries through widespread use of a standardized symbol on library directional signs and promotional materials. The symbol is designed primarily for use on exterior library signs appearing on streets, highways, campuses, and buildings; but it can also be used by individual libraries on newsletters, posters, booklists, library cards, bookmarks, letterhead, and other promotional materials. . .

The symbol triggers instant recognition of a library through a graphic representation that people instantly associate with libraries–the book and reader. It does not attempt to capture the essence of the modern library or represent the range of its resources. In the task force’s opinion, this would be impossible to do in a clean, easily recognized image. Once the public is cued to the presence of a library by the basic symbol, additional symbols, signs, and promotional materials can be used to further educate users about the full range of library resources.“ …

In March 1985, the symbol was accepted by the Federal Highway Administration for inclusion in their manual that sets highway sign standards, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices; it made its first appearance in the revised (4th) edition of this publication, which was released one year later, in March 1986

2009 Laptop Version of National Library Symbol


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