What is the future of the library?

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What is a library when ‚everywhere is here‘?

This thesis won the National Corobrik Architectural Thesis Award 2010. I have made the entire Thesis Document available for download here:
http://www.activeingredient.org/pdf/E… -UPDATE (ACHTUNG PDF!)

This architectural animation explores the question of the role of the public library when digital information is everywhere and is everything. What happens to the spaces of books? and how should traditional spaces of information change for a digital world? Even better… in the developing world, how could the library nurture an information society, when people don’t have access at home? Could the future of the library be an urban information bar? or a theatre of knowledge? and what does that really mean anyway?
This animation is just an introduction to my architectural masters thesis called EVERYWHERE IS HERE: I will be blogging some random stuff at www.everywhereishere2009.blogspot.com
Personal Website: www.activeingredient.org

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