What Are the Costs of an Open Access Monograph

… Thanks to OAPEN-NL, we don’t have to refer (exclusively) to these figures any longer. The project doesn’t only show that the average total costs of creating a (hybrid) monograph are slightly over € 12,000; it also reveals that approximately half of that amount is spent on creating a first digital copy. On top of that, the costs for 15 different cost categories (OA and print) including Peer Review (1,7%), Platform (0,9%), Editing (16,2%), Desk top publishing (14,4%), Printing/Binding (23,6%) and Distribution (12,3%) were identified (cf. pp.41-53). …

Ganzer Beitrag unter: http://hybridpublishing.org/2013/12/what-are-the-costs-of-an-open-access-monograph/

Open Access publishing has no negative effect on book sales, and increases online usage and discovery considerably. This is one of the conclusions of OAPEN-NL, a project exploring Open Access monograph publishing in the Netherlands.

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