Neue Version der HUDOC-Datenbank des EGMR

Der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte hat eine neue Version der HUDOC-Datenbank freigeschaltet:

The HUDOC case-law data base (HUDOC) is the main interface between the Court and legal professionals. However, in recent years the number of documents published to HUDOC had grown (it currently contains some 90,000 documents) and it had become increasingly difficult under the existing platform to find information easily. Searches sometimes produced a very large and unmanageable number of results.

This has led the Court to develop the new version which allows users to find the case-law they are looking for more intuitively via its easy-to-use interface. The new HUDOC offers users many new features including the ability to drill down easily to the judgments they are looking for via refiners. New content has been added such as legal summaries of more significant cases. An additional importance category has been created to enable users to focus their search on cases selected for the Court’s official Reports. Documents can be downloaded in both Word and PDF format and users can create their own specific
RSS line feeds.

To access the new system please click on the link below:

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