LIBER-Survey: Spotlight on Open Access Monographs. Collecting Stories from LIBER Libraries #OpenAccess #books #monographs #libraries

The transition to Open Access (OA) has accelerated in recent months thanks to international initiatives such as Plan S.

Many of the initiatives are, however, focused on journal articles as the dominant format for disseminating research and, in particular, the publishing patterns within fields such as science, technology or medicine.

The lack of incentives for publishing plans or grant applications for book projects (including monographs and edited collections) — and other forms of research outputs that require longer lead times and diverse funding models — is seen by many stakeholders as a major challenge to reach the goal of 100% OA.


OA Survey Focusing on Books

To investigate the activities and strategies already in place across LIBER’s network, we have created a survey to capture the many ways in which libraries work with OA books among the communities we serve.

We invite respondents from LIBER libraries to address questions such as:

  • How can libraries create workflows and funding mechanisms to encourage OA book publishing?
  • What kind of training is needed for library staff to adapt to the developments?
  • Can you support OA book publishing without starting your own university press?

Please submit your responses to the survey by the end of 17 May 2019.

The results will be shared during the Working Group’s pre-conference workshop at LIBER’s Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland, and published on the LIBER website.


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