Let’s play Library! Be a Little Librarian …

Library Mistress hat auf Little Librarian verwiesen:

Was steckt dahinter? Eine Basisausstattung bibliothekarischer Hilfsmittel für Kinder ab 4, um sich die eigene Bibliothek zu erschaffen/erschließen. So macht Lesen gleich mehr Spaß, oder?

Little Librarian is the first play kit to provide children with the supplies needed to set up their own library.  The library is a  familiar place many children visit. Now children can use their own books and imagination to create a library for family and friends. Children can perform many of the same activities as their local librarian.  Reading is encouraged with this educational toy. Little Librarian is powered by creativity and imagination, not batteries.

Little Librarian will provide book lovers with everything they need to transform their book collection into a library. Kids can practice the important skills of organizing, sharing, borrowing, and returning. Book pockets,check out cards, library cards, and bookmarks are just like the ones from a real library. Little librarians will issue overdue notices and awards. Favorite memories can be stored in your reading journal and shared with friends. To get started, just add books!

Der Bibliotheksbaukasten besteht aus:

7 mini file folders, 15 book pockets, 15 book cards, 4 library cards, 4 reading awards, 2 bookmarks, 6 overdue slips, and 1 reading journal.

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