Hans Rosling und die magische Waschmaschine (und was hat das mit Bibliotheken zu tun)

Hans Roslings Präsentationen sind Kult. Wie man von der Waschmaschine zur Bibliothek gelangt, zeigt er hier. Die entscheidende Stelle dann ab 8:00:

 … And what’s the magic with them? My mother explained the magic with this machine the very, very first day. She said, „Now Hans, we have loaded the laundry; the machine will make the work. And now we can go to the library.“ Because this is the magic: you load the laundry, and what do you get out of the machine? You get books out of the machines, children’s books. And mother got time to read for me. She loved this. I got the „ABC.“This is where I started my career as a professor,when my mother had time to read for me. And she also got books for herself. She managed to study English and learn that as a foreign language. And she read so many novels, so many different novels here. And we really, we really loved this machine.

And what we said, my mother and me,“Thank you industrialization.Thank you steel mill.Thank you power station. And thank you chemical processing industrythat gave us time to read books.“


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