Catalog Card Concerto

Was man mit [ALTEN!] Katalogkarten so alles bewerkstelligen kann …

Catalog Card Concerto: CIA Commencement Video 2011 from Michaela Lynch on Vimeo.

A freshman foundation design class was required to use the old cards from the no longer used card catalog system to create noisemakers. During National Library Week, they brought noisemakers to the library and performed for us (another reason I love working in the library). One student recorded the sounds, manipulated them, and created this sound piece.

For the 2011 commencement ceremony, the musical interlude plans fell through, and it was suggested that this be played. But since you can’t just play an mp3, they asked me to make a video for it. They asked for a slideshow of images, handing me tons of jpegs featuring the library. But I couldn’t just do that.

I used the outdated analog slide projectors as an aesthetic starting point, and went from there, adding stop motion, still motion, and all sorts of mayhem.

I made this during my shift at the library. I spent only 20 hours on it. And hey, I’m pretty impressed with what I accomplished in just 20 hours.

Stop Motion & Editing: Michaela Lynch
Photography: Rob Miller & Cristine Rom
Music: Christopher Ramos

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