Top Ten (10) Social Media Competencies for Librarians

The Search Principle blog hat eine Auflistung von 10 Social-Media-Kompetenzen für Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare veröffentlicht:

  1. Understand, explain and teach others about the main principles and trends of web 2.0 (and library 2.0)
  2. List major tools, categories and affordances of social networking sites
  3. Apply social media to solve information problems, and communicate digitally with users
  4. Use social networking sites for promotional, reference and instructional services in libraries
  5. Navigate, evaluate and create content on social networking sites
  6. Follow netiquette, conform to ethical standards and interact appropriately with others online
  7. Explain copyright, security and privacy issues on social media sites to colleagues and user communities
  8. Understand the importance of identity and reputation management using social media
  9. Explain related terminology such as collaboration 2.0, remix and open source
  10. Renew social media competencies, advocate for institutional strategies and policies and build evidence base in social media


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