The Librarian’s Book of Lists

The Librarian’s Book of Lists
George M. Eberhart
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1063-4
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $22.00

Endlich ein bibliothekarisch ausgerichtetes Listenbuch. 🙂

After years spent editing American Libraries and the many editions of The Whole Library Handbook, George Eberhart has collected a raft of arcane librariana and amusing trivia for this endlessly browsable volume. Equally suitable for the reference shelf and the staff lounge, the dozens of wide-ranging lists in this book include

  • 14 ways libraries are good for the country
  • How to say “Where is the library?” in 50 different languages
  • 10 intriguing paper defects
  • 6 library-related birdsongs
  • Top 12 silly reasons to ban a book

The mixture of serious topics, tongue-in-cheek items, and outright silliness provides something to please everyone familiar with libraries, making a fun read and a wonderful gift.


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