Online-Ausstellung „Posters from the Vilna Ghetto“

Die Online-Ausstellung „The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Artifacts of the Vilna Ghetto“ zeigt sechzehn Plakate aus dem Ghetto in Vilnius: „The fragmentary documents that survived the Vilna Ghetto bear witness to the extraordinary efforts that Jews made to maintain a human life in almost unimaginably adverse circumstances. (…) The Vilna Ghetto, which existed from 1941 to 1943, maintained an unusual degree of cultural and spiritual life, with the Jewish community’s intellectual elite initiating a broad and multifaceted range of programs and activities as resistance against the Nazis‘ efforts at humiliation and degradation“. Die Plakate stammen aus der Sammlung des Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum.

Außerdem ist die Plakatausstellung „The Power of Persuasion: Jewish Posters from Prewar Poland“ online zu sehen: „The posters in the exhibition document a time when posters were a very important means of communication. They disseminated information when other forms of mass media had not yet developed or were in their formative stages. During the interwar period, posters became a ubiquitous presence on Jewish streets. Advertisements, announcements, and calls for action, they were pasted onto walls, wooden fences, or onto the round ‚public announcement‘ kiosks which could be found on many street corners“.

Hinweis aus stanley-k.

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