Internet Librarian 2010 (14.-15.10.2010, London)

Get real. Stay relevant. The reality of the current economic climate means that it’s imperative to provide pertinent services, utilise the most appropriate tools, and explore alternative approaches, regardless of your information environment. Even if you’re managing information outside a traditional library setting – as web designer, content evaluator, portal creator, systems professional or independent researcher – you must continue to offer services that are relevant and cost-efficient.

Internet Librarian International continues to meet that challenge head on and provides a cost-effective professional development experience that enables you to:

  • Understand and introduce technologies to increase the relevancy and efficiency of your information service
  • Learn new techniques for using and managing electronic resources
  • Raise the profile of your information service within your organisation
  • Learn from – and share your experiences with – your peers from over 30 countries globally



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