„Intellectual property rights, data privacy and licensing tools: Theory and practice“ – ACDH Tool Gallery 4.2 (Vienna, October 25 2018) @ACDH_OeAW @DH_Graz

Intellectual property rights, data privacy and licensing tools: Theory and practice

When? October 25, 2018

Where? Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, Sitzungssaal

In the digital age, legal questions have become one of the core issues in doing research. The main areas of the law that researchers have to concern themselves with are intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright as well as data privacy. In order to use and share digital content, knowledge of licenses such as Creative Commons is also vital.

Therefore, this ACDH Tool Gallery will provide participants with an overview of the Austrian and European legal landscape in these areas and also offer perspectives on legal systems outside of Europe and their most important features that differ from European legal systems. The most important ready-made licenses (such as Creative Commons and Open Data Commons) will be introduced and their benefits and downsides explained. In addition, tools that can aid researchers in choosing the best license for their own content will be presented.

After the morning input session, the afternoon session will focus on practical questions. All participants will have the opportunity to bring up legal questions and issues they face in their projects and discuss them with the experts.

For more information and registration see: https://www.oeaw.ac.at/acdh/events/event-series/event-detail/article/acdh-tool-gallery-42/

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