Google Books startet „Rich Results“

In amerikanischen Blogs wird über ein neues Feature von Google Books berichtet, welches im Laufe des heutigen Tages freigeschaltet wird: „Rich Results“.

When you search for a book, Google Books doesn’t just look at word frequency or how closely your query matches the title of a book. They now take into account web search frequency, recent book sales, the number of libraries that hold the title, and how often an older book has been reprinted. …

Google hat dazu bekanntgegeben:

Starting today and rolling out over the next week to Books search users on and, “rich results” bring more details about a specific book to the top of the search results list when relevant to the query. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Some details:

  • When your query on Books search on or is likely for a specific book like Eating Animals you will get a rich result on that book at the top that combines Books, Product and Web search.
  • Related links appear that take you to web sites with relevant information tied to the book.
  • Clicking on “More” takes you to the relevant Google Product search page.
  • And clicking on a retailer link with pricing takes you to their site where you can buy the book.
  • We added rich results to Google Books search to improve user experience.

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