EBLIDA Newsletter Issue No. 7/8 July/August 2023

  1. Editorial, by Ton van Vlimmeren
  2. Which indicators for library advocacy? A response to Bok og Bibliotek (and NAPLE), by Giuseppe Vitiello
  3. What should EBLIDA policy be in relation to the OMC work – Library priority action within the EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026, by Giuseppe Vitiello
  4. Announcing four translations of the Council of Europe Recommendation on Library Legislation and Policy
  5. Connecting libraries to EU resources – RL:EU: next local events
  6. The Spanish public library conference under EU Presidency (Pamplona, 18-20 October 2023)
  7. SLA Sections Conference 2023
  8. 14th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries
  9. Libraries of Today 2023 – the largest library conference in the Czech Republic
  10. Save the date – Day of European Authors – 25 March 2024
  11. Call for papers for the 17th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR 2023)


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