E-LIS logo design competition now open!

The Executive Board of E-LIS, the electronic archive for librarianship and information science, is seeking for interesting and pleasant proposals for revamping its logo. The Executive Board proceeds to this revamping in a wide frame of activities that aim to improve the processes and the image of the initiative. The new logo should highlight the characteristics of ELIS as an open, collaborative, international effort in the field of library and information science.

The new logo should carry on the same color combinations. Designers are free to move on shades of the same palette to get their logo, but it is advised to work on the same color orientation.

The designers are free to employ shapes, drawings and typography to convey the meaning of the E-LIS as a collaborative, international effort in the field of library and information science. It is wished that these logo elements can stand alone in an identifiable fashion.

The new logo should be usable in different media, such as paper or computer screen, colors, such as RGB or monochrome, as well as sizes and resolutions.

The designers can use their preferred programs, but to submit their proposals in EPS formats. Please be sure that your proposal has the adequate resolution that will highlight all its virtues under different conditions.

You can submit your proposals to Imma Subirats and Giannis Tsakonas by 30th September. Please use the following subject line: „E-LIS New Logo Proposal“.

All proposals will be presented to the E-LIS team, who will be able to support their preference through Doodle. The final decision will be taken by the Executive Board, which is going to take into account the proposals as well as the preference each one has gathered.

The results will be announced by the end of October and the winner in this informal competition will receive a technological device, partially founded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Office of Library Co-ordination.

The E-LIS Team

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